Monday, August 1, 2011

Identical Twinship

What does it really mean to be an identical twin? For me, it means sharing my life with my very best male friend right down to the molecular level. When we talk on the phone, it is like listening to my voice in an echo chamber. When we were younger it used to bother me, but now I find it amusing. Sometimes when I listen to myself talk, I think it is my brother’s voice I hear. Our mother always had to ask which son it was when we would call her. That had to be frustrating for a mother, among many other things.

My brother and I were not very close growing up. With us, being twins gave sibling rivalry a new meaning. We used to fight like cats and dogs. Unlike pictures of male and female twins who reveled in dressing alike, we were determined not to look alike in any manner, shape or form. Our attitude caused great discourse with our mother who would be ecstatic seeing her boys dressed alike to the Ts. As for us, we would just glare at each other with mayhem in mind. Mom finally gave up on the fashion statements about the time we graduated into junior high school. This was a good thing because we started looking at girls while we were experiencing interesting sensations behind our zippers.

We soon discovered that we had different tastes in the opposite sex. This enabled us to drift apart socially and thus spare us intense rivalry while in high school. As we traveled separate paths in young adulthood, we remained close in a surprising way. Call it psychic, sixth sense, or whatever, we still communicated via the hidden language of identical twins. When we were little, we had our own language that confounded doctors. We also had simultaneous dreams and would awake comparing notes. We were connected mentally no matter the physical distance between us, and this remains true even today.

My bro and I are approaching old age like a runaway freight train and life is catching up to us fast. Brother has been diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer and is fighting for his life. We were not prepared for the time when life would be short, and the prospect that our final days would be over sooner than later. I guess we thought we would live forever and would not have to deal with one of us passing. The thought scares me no end because I don’t want my brother to suffer the pain and agony of passing from this disease. Thank God for medical technology that will prolong his life and that when his time comes, he won’t suffer like our loved ones who passed before new technologies could help them.

One the other hand, I am comforted with the knowledge that we cannot really be separated. He is part of my heart and mind – our atoms will be forever connected speaking the special language of twins. I will follow my twin wherever he goes and we will be united forever in Devine Love and Peace.

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