Friday, August 19, 2011

It Takes Brass Balls

After it was determined that my brother Walt had stage four prostate cancer, the whole family kind of went into shell shock. After all, we both had decided at a young age that we were going to live forever. At least that is the way we lived most of our lives. “Full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes!” Now we have a reality check and, man, does it smart – damn, we are not going to live forever.

After Walt learned that the prostate could not be surgically removed and that it was too late for radiation, his only choice was chemo and a new drug on the market that can extend his life for months – maybe. So bro started chemo and now is beginning to feel some side effects…like wanting to puke and bones so brittle he dare not stub his toe.

His answer to this dilemma was short and sweet; let’s ride our motorcycles to Durango,Colorado, over Labor Day weekend. So be it. I booked the motel and the trip is a go. It happens to be a grueling ride though the Navajo Reservation and not for the weak of heart, and to make the trip even more interesting, we have three newbie’s riding with us.

It’s not the first time Walt and I have led newbie bike riders across the Res and into the high country of the Colorado Rockies, and I am praying it won’t be our last. Maybe the spiritual benefits of riding such majestic peaks and valleys will have a healing effect on my brother.

Oh, by the way – have I told you how much I love my twin? Words could never describe….

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