Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It Takes Two

My son and his wife have separated after being married for over ten years. I was so pissed at his wife for breaking the marriage up that I stopped communicating with her and her family. After all, we had worked our butts off building a dream home on four acres of beautiful land together as a family. Somehow we finished it on weekends and holidays after a whole year and the house is magnificent. They moved in and seemed the perfect couple.

Times were good and everyone was happy – or so I thought. My wife, who has stayed in contact with her daughter-in-law, reported how happy she is in her new house and life. In fact, I also noticed how happy our son seems now in his hew life. There were no children except their beloved dogs, which the separated couple worked out a shared custody plan that is working well for everyone.

I now admit that both parties are very happy in their new roles as singles. Could it be that they just weren’t happy together as a married couple? Seems so, and now I miss my soon-to-be-ex-daughter-in-law. I just saw the pain in my son’s eyes, not the pain that was also in her eyes. They did the right thing by separating and no one is to blame, except me for shutting out my daughter-in-law.

Well, there is something I can do about that. I will go to her with hat in hand and ask for forgiveness. If she rejects me…so be it, but at least I tried. I know, I will ask to be friends again on Facebook.

If she refuses, at least she won’t see me cry.

I’m just saying,


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