Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Beware: CNN & FNC On Board

As I crawl up from the depths of worry over earthquakes, tsunamis, radiation poisoning, disease, murder, rape, pillage and plunder, I sit here trying to find something nice and wonderful about the world we live in. Actually it’s not easy; my whole being is filled with CNN and FNC live newscasts. I don't even watch The Today Show anymore - Meredith and the gang are delayed a whole three hours now. Their show is filled with old news and I am hooked on live. “I want it live and I want it now!”

Good Lord, what have I become? It seems I am a live news junky and the gorier the better. I find myself wanting to see six nuclear reactors start heading for China just to see what would happen. How about a 1000 foot tsunami? I bet that would get the news reporters on the ground in Japan wishing they could fly! While we are at it, a nice neutron nuclear bomb smack dab on the palace in Tripoli would make great, real time, visual news and get rid of Kaddafi and his henchmen in one fell swoop. What about the innocent civilians and reporters, you might ask? The reporters knew the danger when they entered the city and there are no innocent citizens in Tripoli. I heard Wolf say so on CNN!

I know none of this is in any way funny; but I find myself thinking these thoughts and laughing inside my mind as I try to visualize the events. I hate to even admit to these thoughts - they make me seem cruel and uncivilized. I suspect it is a human nature thing, and that I should not take my daydreaming too seriously. After all, I am a writer of very descriptive and gory murder mysteries. My wife says I just have a very active imagination. Yes, that’s it; I am really a very nice person. No one has anything to fear from me…right?

I’m just saying,


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