Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Glow Like a Firefly!

I have had it – I mean, I have really had it. I am ready to buy a radiation detector, iodine pills, gas masks and heavy white coveralls. I am already stocking up on supplies of water and canned food. Since we can’t get the truth from the Japanese government or the utility companies, I am going to start preparing for the worst and hope for the best!

California is already reading higher than normal radiation numbers from the atmosphere and it’s only a matter of time before the radiation cloud reaches Arizona. God knows we already get a boatload of their smog. And, here is the kicker…the Japanese coastal waters are starting to glow like a poker in a blazing fire. Guess what, folks, the Japanese current runs like a runaway freight train right to British Colombia and then down the Pacific Northwest coastline!

I try not to be an alarmist, but, as usual, governments are hiding the truth and utilities are covering their butts. Sound familiar, it should, remember Three Mile Island? What a media fiasco that was. The Russians couldn’t hide Chernobyl because it was a nuclear explosion, for God’s sake, and radiation spiked like a moon rocket. That whole area is, and will always be, a dead zone not fit for man or beast, unless you want to grow three heads. I know none of this is funny, but I don’t know whether to put on suntan lotion or go hide in a hole.

As usual, We The People are being treated like mushrooms and are expected to take whatever our leaders dish out. Well, I’ve got a news flash for all politicians; up yours! While you are safely tucked away in your government bunkers, the people who pay your exorbitant salaries and perks will be dropping like flies. When you finally crawl out of your holes, life will be hard for you, just like it is for us now! Payback, butt heads, and it will be so sweet. The only way you are going to ride in your limousine is if you push it. Now that would be a sight to see.

I know this blog is an exaggeration, but damn, the whole situation is so frustrating. Japan is in the middle of a nuclear meltdown while we are fighting three wars and going bankrupt. About the time you think it can’t get any worse, it does…the Republicans have about fifty people thinking about running for president in 2012, instead of supporting a frontrunner who can beat President Obama and get him out of office before he sells our country down the path to ruin. The way things are looking, the Mayan calendar ending December 21, 2012, and all the doomsday predictions attributed to that date might be a blessing in disguise.

I’m just saying,


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