Thursday, March 10, 2011

Charlie Sheen

Like most Americans, I don’t understand how the deaths of our young men and women in Afghanistan and Iraq can be ignored by the press in this country, while the drug-induced rantings of a movie star is front page news. Rather than complain about the situation, I started researching Charlie Sheen on Google. Of course, I don’t know Charlie Sheen personally; research was necessary so I could even know his media persona. I admit that I have never really been a fan - after all, his father is in my generation. I was a fan (and still am) of Martin Sheen long before Charlie was even thought of.

While researching the life of Charlie Sheen, it became obvious that nicotine, alcohol and drugs have always been a part of Charlie’s teen and adult life. His father also abused drugs and alcohol, but never to the extent of his son. It’s no secret that Charlie has a temper and it is intensified through his drinking and use of amphetamines. How do I know he is using meth, or coke, or both? Because you can stick a glass eye in a monkey’s butt and see the results every time he speaks in the media blitz interviews.

As I researched the movie life of Charlie Sheen, I started to become a fan, more or less, in the sense that he has a definite appeal. Handsome, funny and smart, Charlie started to make me feel good inside. I learned to like his camera persona and looked forward to seeing more; that is, until he started to make headlines with very bad behavior.

The interesting thing is that now I feel sorry for a very out-of-control young man, who is heading for disaster at breakneck speed. The waste of even one person’s potential is a tragedy. While trying to understand the motives of a spoiled rotten Hollywood star, I found Charlie Sheen’s humanity hiding inside a drug-induced wild man.

I have watched the same thing happen to some of my family and even myself in my early drinking years. Meth almost destroyed one of my daughters and coke devastated one of my sisters. Watching Charlie Sheen on television news is like watching a rerun movie of family members who were sucked into addiction, and for a long time were smarter than everyone trying to help them – just like Charlie. I find myself liking Charlie Sheen. Not the wild looking person I see on the news, but rather, the great actor he can be and has been in the past. For the sake of his children, I can only pray that intervention happens soon, before someone really gets physically hurt or worse. There is no denying that emotional damage has already been done to his family and friends, but it’s not too late to reverse course and head back to reality….

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