Monday, May 10, 2010

The Joy of Being an Identical Twin

When the idea of writing Evil in the Mirror first started forming in my mind, I was a little apprehensive about telling my identical twin. After all, my intention was to make him the truly evil one. When I did mention it to him, his response was, "I bet I am going to be the real evil twin, aren't I?" "You guessed it, Bro."

As it turned out, I made myself the truly evil one (trying not to offend) and gave him a somewhat lesser role in the evil goings on. Of course, after he read a few chapters, his response was, "You always get top billing." Holy crap....I can't win for losing. The truth be known, my twin and I have an exciting, good life and we try to live it by the Golden Rule.

My brother's daughter read the rough draft and exclaimed, "Did you and my uncle really do all the stuff in the book?" "Good grief, Niece, it's just fiction. Get a life." My mother-in-law read about four chapters and then called her daughter to tell her she was fearful for my wife's safety. How could her son-in-law write such horrible, gruesome stuff? My wife answered, "It's just fiction, Mom, and it's called imagination."

After hearing about their reactions, I knew I had a great book....I may be black listed by my niece and mother-in-law, but there is a Best Seller on the horizon!

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