Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trashing My Birth Place, Tucson, Arizona

During my 48-year construction career, I have worked with, drunk with, cried at funerals with, dated and sung at church with, Americans of Mexican decent. I find this ethnic group enchanting, loving, intelligent, loyal, and dedicated to their children. Their houses are immaculate inside and out, as are their persons.

After I received an e-mail showing the illegal emigrant highway from Mexico to Arizona, I was appalled at the mess. I have also seen pictures of inside safe houses in Phoenix. I also have witnessed the trash left by illegal aliens at free camping areas in Arizona.

My point is this. I see this group of people not only showing disrespect for OUR land and country, but a larger disrespect for the millions of Mexican Americans who worked hard legally to obtain the American Dream. It’s not just the flaunting of our laws (which has been condoned by the Federal Government); it is the steady migration of drug dealers and illegal immigrants into wild and pristine southern Arizona with devastating results. This situation can no longer be tolerated. I support all of our immigration laws. There are legal remedies to enter this country, use them and walk with honor and pride, instead of hiding in shame and darkness.

I am sick and tired of the minority of people, with alternative motives, gaining press coverage with rallies and protest waving the Mexican flag while pretending to represent the majority. The majority of Americans support immigration laws and want action to stem the flow of illegal aliens from Mexico into the United States, and we sure don’t appreciate any flag waving except the American flag. This is not Mexico; it is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

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