Thursday, May 6, 2010

Women Harley Riders

My favorite Harley-Davidson dealer, Buddy Stubbs in Phoenix, Arizona, is sponsoring Women Harley Riders Month. That got my attention, especially when they spotlighted Jullian Michaels! Anyone who doesn't think she looks good riding a Harley has got to be brain dead, blind or both!

Old school dictated that women rode on the back of a man's Harley. I am so glad that crap is over. Now we can see the women who ride and enjoy the eye candy.

It takes a special woman to ride a motorcycle and a very special woman to ride a Harley. I have seen a dramatic increase in women riders in the last ten years, and the quality of their riding has improved right along with their beauty. The Harley clothes are just as spectacular as the women wearing them!

OK, I admit that this old biker dude is happily married and doesn't stray, but when I stop appreciating the wonderful world of women, you can lower me for that last ride in a pine box....

I'm just saying,


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