Sunday, May 23, 2010

Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

The Sedona, Arizona, Humane Society picked the perfect summer day for their Bone to be Wild motorcycle rally.

The event was very well organized and all the bikes made it back from the five stop poker run safe and sound. Olde Sedona Bar & Grill hosted the event, which included many vendor tents, classic bike show, bike games and fun in the sun. I also liked seeing all the dogs wearing bandannas, wishing to be adopted. Please, Lord, don't let me get weak. Four dogs are enough in any home....

My friend Nadia, owner of Golden Bone Rescue, was there with a vendor tent. Her store is located in Camp Verde and it's always a pleasure to walk down from our house and visit. Yes, our dogs know they are going to get a treat when they visit Nadia!

Our first poker stop was in the Village of Oak Creek where I visited with Adrian, the owner of Physical Graffiti tattoo parlor. Someday I will show off the sleeve tat he did on my left arm. He is the best in the west.

We also stopped at the Cornville Market, Biker Babes and Beyond (This is a great shop for all the lady riders) in Cottonwood, and then on to KA Cycles, also in Cottonwood.

Of course, as we headed back to Sedona for our last poker stop at Olde Sedona Grill, it was obvious my hand was dismal and I might as well tear it up. I have been riding for years, but so far never won a hand, but who cares, I am having a blast!

We all met for lunch, NA brews, laughter, rock & roll music so loud it drove my son Jay and me to the upstairs balcony. That turned out well; we were forced to look at all the beautiful bikes and babes while we ate our lunch. Picture taking was is full swing and even the news guy was filming away at all the events. I am sure there will be some great pictures to post at a later date.

As we rode back toward our prospective homes later in the day, I was reminded of earlier summers when I was young and foolish. It appears now, I am only foolish, because if tired were money, I could retire.

I'm just saying,


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