Sunday, May 30, 2010

See Your America

If you are reading this blog, you shouldn't be. Get up, turn of the puter, get in, or on your ride, and go see some America! It doesn't matter if it's a Federal park, state park or just the city park. It's a beautiful day and life is way too short spending it couped up in the house.

Now, for those of you who are unable to leave the house. Google every place you have ever wanted to see and spend the day drinking soda, eating chips and travel in your mind with help from pictures on the Web.

OK, I get it. There are some folks who can't even do that do to dire circumstances. Well, know this my American friend....I pray you have someone who will share this holiday with you and describe what a fabulous county we live in.

I'm just saying,


1 comment:

Nissa said...

"Turn off your puter"? That is heresy...