Friday, May 28, 2010

Where is Jolen Whitworth?

I can't even remember how I met Jolen Whitworth on line a couple of years ago. All I know is that she became one of the most influential people in my writing career. Her devotion to newbie writers and willingness to help others bespeaks volumes about her character.

All I had to do was e-mail or Skype Jolen and help was on its way. That was until she got a free BMW! Now she is gallivanting all around England in pure luxury and hobnobbing with, God forbid, maybe even royalty?

Click on this link and read the story for yourself. It's too painful for me to relate.

Jolen, Jolen, come back....we miss you!

Write on,


1 comment:

Jolen Whitworth said...

Could I love you any more? Damn, you crack me up! Thanks, this was hilarious and who needs royalty when I have a BMW! I AM ROYALTY!

I sure hope that you're enjoying the day, I'm heading out to open the beamer up.

love ya lots,