Thursday, October 28, 2010

Been there, done that!

Think you know all about Been there, done that? Click the title of this blog and learn. My point? My point is that we all think we have been there, and done that, but the truth is we haven't been or done much of anything in our middle-class pathetic lives. Why? Because the five percent of the people who own America won't let us, that's why!

Stop and think about it...remember the hippies who rebelled about everything happening in our country in the late sixties and seventies? They were getting high, naked, having fun and protesting up a storm. The owners of the U.S.A. freaked. Why? Because they were not in control of a large segment of our young society who were supposed to work, pay taxes, go to war and serve the wealthy few, that's why.

This time the threats of hell and damnation did not control the young people who finally realized that organized religion was designed to control and a devil living inside the middle of the earth was pure bull poop. The devil was found to be living in the Congress of our country and instead of serving us, we ended up serving a pack of devils who voted themselves raises, immunity, separate health care, perks and heaven only knows what else without asking We the People.

Where was I when all this was going on? Right along side you, working my butt off trying to earn a living while supporting illegal aliens with a list of benefits that would choke a horse. I was right along side of you working my butt off to pay for corruption and graft in our government and private corporations. I was right along side of you working my butt off supporting pork barrel programs that went through Congress like a dose of salt and We the People never even had a chance to vote on the programs in the first place!

America, we have been had and I have had enough. November 2, 2010, is the day of reckoning. Let all political incumbents beware. The hammer is going to fall. It's time to clean up the mess and clean out those who caused it, and those who condoned it by not speaking up. We the People will now speak a language you can understand. The language is English and the message is that we are going to take back our country!

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