Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pets R Us!

Well, the whole family is chopping at the bit in anticipation of our trip to Quartzsite, Arizona, October 23., especially Pickles, our Meyers parrot. You can tell by the look in his eye. It's either that, or he wants to kill something. You never know with him.

The white Chihuahua's name is Taco; I know, not too original, but we like it. It beats Whitey. We rescued this little guy and he has become our watch dog par excellence.

The black Chihuahua lying down next to Taco is Gonzo. We named him after the baseball star who won the World Series for us. They both are our heroe's.

The little Pomeranian sitting like a mule next to Taco and Gonzo is Mittsy. She is the oldest and will be fourteen next month. She just had five teeth pulled and the few that are left cleaned. Yes, it cost a fortune, but we want her last years to be wonderful and not filled with pain and sickness. We can only hope we will be in as good a shape when we are ninety years old!

Below is Annie sitting on top of the couch; she is our long hair Chihuahua. As our Prosac dog, she rules the roost with total abandon and insanity. She will stare at walls and growl; God help us during thunderstorms. She actually is doing better each year and for the first time in seven years, I caught her playing with Gonzo. Real dog play...I was amazed.

All our family loves Quartzsite in the winter. We take long walks in the desert with the dogs, watching them every minute to make sure coyotes don't snatch them up for a meal.

Only amimal lovers can understand the bond between people and their pets. Our animals are like children to us and we couldn't love them any less. We still mourn the loss of our pets that have departed for animal heaven, and we know in our hearts there is such a place. While our little children are in our charge, we are committed to taking the very best care of them. After all, they are helpless without us and we would be so very sad without them.

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