Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day Stalker

The rough draft is finally complete! Day Stalker will be published by Wheatmark and should be released into the wild by January.

If you liked Evil in the Mirror, you are going to love this one....

Tucson, Arizona, is held in the grip of fear and horror as an out of control cocaine addict desperate for money continues to terrorize and murder with impunity in the Catalina Foothills. Detective’s Jon Mull and Manny Gonzalez are back on the job and hot on the trail of a most elusive and dangerous killer.

Things go from bad to desperate when both detectives realize they are close to losing more than just the capture of the foothills murderer. It’s personal now, and they must find this depraved madman before he kills again.

Mitt Winstead’s second novel will keep you spellbound and relentlessly turning pages as you take a journey into the mind of the terrifying killer called—Day Stalker.

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