Monday, October 4, 2010

Ghost vs. No Ghost

I had a very interesting conversation with my friend Hoppy the other day about ghosts. He and his wife enjoy going on ghost hunting adventures, while my wife and I can't stay awake late enough at night for the scary little dudes and dudettes to appear.

I have always been sceptical of the phenomenon mainly through fear that there may be something to it. Real genuine ghost hunters like Nancy Bradley and her team will tell you that there is nothing to fear except fear itsself.

I may have been a little harsh with Hoppy while trying to explain that until it is proven scientifically, I will remain a sceptic. I did admit seeing a flying saucer when I was ten years old, and also during the conversation I admitted that my identical twin brother and I are psychic. Come to think of it, as a young man, I had a poltergeist experience while visiting relatives who lived in a creepy old house in Laguna Beach, California.

Well, it isn't like proving the existence of Big Foot by bringing in a dead body, is it. Ghosts are already dead, or are they? Crap, now I'm scaring myself.... Look what you have done, Hoppy!

Oh, I get it; Halloween is coming soon and you wanted to warm me up for the kill. Remember this, my friend, I have the Evil Twins and Otis Buford working for me. I will show you a Halloween you will never forget!

I'm just saying,


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