Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner

My daughter Nissa does not get along with my Meyer's parrot, Pickles, as you can tell by the picture she e-mailed me yesterday.

The sad part of this picture is that her caption read, "I'm looking forward to cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year!"

How could someone, especially a family member, be so heartless toward an innocent and harmless bird? Look at the little angel...so obedient and trusting.

When Nissa announced she wanted to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year, who could have known that this is what she had in mind? Now the whole holiday season is ruined for me!

Pickles is sitting on my shoulder while I write this scathing piece about cruelty to animals. Just a minute, he is trying to steal my earring. "Pickles, you little butt head, stop pulling! Ouch, you little bastard! Crap, you've drawn blood again! Get off me, you little monster! You better fly away. When I get my hands on you.... Who am I kidding, I'm not picking you up, you're a feathered White Shark biting machine!"

Oh, are you still reading my blog? I just had to deal with a small problem. Where was I anyway?

I'm just saying,

Mittster and Pickles

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