Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's two a.m.; do you know where your mind is?

For many years I worked construction all over the country. Then the recession hit harder than I could ever remember, February 2009. In past recessions I could always find work out-of state, but not this time. Now was the opportunity to try something new.

I had always entertained the thought of writing a novel and now seemed like a good time to give it a try. Since that depressing day in February, I have written two e-books and two murder mysteries of which all but the last mystery have been published. My latest who-done-it is being proofed and should be published before the end of the year.

So why am I still having difficulty grasping the concept that I am an author? Partly because I haven't sold many books, even though everyone says the murder mystery, Evil in the Mirror, is a great read and has five star ratings. I know all the hard work put into promotions will soon pay off, especially after the sequel, Day Stalker, is published, and I will start earning enough money to feel like I am making my own way in life again.

The problem is the crazy hours that I don’t seem to be able to become accustomed to. I am up every morning between one a.m. and two a.m.; and after fixing a cup of coffee, I go to work on the keyboard and write a new blog for the day. Then it’s time to post the blog on Twitter and Facebook and socialize on those two sites until I feel my blog readers are satisfied that I am interested in their lives, which I am. Then I need to continue writing my third murder mystery, Evil Women Wait. By this time it is mid-morning and I need to re-post my blog on Twitter for more exposure.

Lunch time, yes! After lunch, I am ready for a nap because my eyes look like two fried eggs in a bucket of pee. I nap…and wake up in time to watch Seinfeld and some history channel. During this whole procedure, my wife, Sandy, leads a more normal ten hour day taking care of our pets, proofing all my work, and volunteering at Connections Equine Therapy Program in Cornville, Arizona. By six p.m., she is ready to call it a day. Me too, I’m still groggy from my nap…and the whole thing starts over again.

While my very early morning writing is in progress, the Internet failed, yet again, while I am in the middle of writing this blog. I have learned that even though I didn’t to save it on Blogspot, I can still save it in Word, then copy and paste it back later to Blogspot, if and when the service is restored.

OK, maybe one or two readers have managed to get this far on today’s blog, but the rest have gone to sleep from boredom or left for parts unknown. I really have no reason to snivel and Lord knows I hate sniveling from other people. I am one lucky puppy to have the greatest wife on the planet and you know what? I also have the greatest job!

Write on,


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