Friday, September 3, 2010


In the book world, the appendix is useful if you are looking for a book subject using words or phrases with pointers to where related material can be found in a document.

In the human body,the appendix is a small finger looking appendage with no social, extrinsic, or human value whatsoever. As a matter of fact, the little devil is just waiting to cause hurt, pain and suffering without warning.

Age, status, wealth, genetics, or location has no effect on the devil appendix. It is part of the atomic world where the laws of physics do not apply. In my case, the day started out as an upset stomach, assumed by me to be caused by drinking too much coffee while writing my murder mystery sequel to Evil in the Mirror, called Day Stalker.

The next thing I know, wifey is driving me to the hospital because now the pain has moved over and down to the lower right area, exactly where your index finger points to if your thumb is in your belly button and your little finger is touching your hip bone. Well, I'll be damned, the age old way to tell if the little devil had flared up in your body really works!

Look, I know no one really wants to hear about microscopic surgery, carbon dioxide gas used to expand the abdominal cavity so the doctor can see what the hell he is doing, or how some of that gas has no way to escape later, except by dissipating through the cells of the body, causing gas bubbles that press against your three separate incisions causing pain in the ten level, or the constipation that always follows surgery with general anesthesia. And, because I don't blame you, I won't tell you.

I will tell you that the last four days have sucked. Not because of the surgery. Hell, that procedure can save your life and everyone at the Verde Valley Medical Center in Cottonwood, Arizona, were kind, caring and just plain fantastic! It sucked because I couldn't write and writing is all I really want to do.

The good news is that the episode is behind me. The bad news is that now you have to put up with me and my blogs again!

I'm back,


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