Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Words from a Warrior

An e-mail from Fred fighting in Afghanistan:

Hi Mitt!

Thank you very much for the book "Evil in the Mirror". I read it cover to cover the day I received it and I'm sure I will read it several times while I'm here! You did a fantastic job, great story line, well written, and it kept my attention the whole time! I couldn't put it down! Chris said you have finished writing a second book. Let me know when it comes out on Amazon and I will gladly purchase a copy of it. You're very talented so keep it up! I am on a very small base near the border with Pakistan, crazy country this place is. We were ambushed on my first convoy around 9pm, a large group of Taliban fighters hit us with RPGs and small arms fire. We fought them off and made it safe and sound! I am hoping things quiet down a bit now that the elections are over with. Well, I have to run for now but thanks again for the great book and I look forward to reading your second novel! Feel free to e-mail me now that you have my address and I will keep in touch as well! Thanks again, Mitt!


My comments back to Fred:

Hi, Fred,

Thanks for the book comments and you can bet I will send you a signed copy of Day Stalker just as soon as it's published. You cannot buy a book of mine. The least I can do is send you free books. You and your comrades are doing what it takes to keep America safe!

I want everyone who heeds the call of battle to come home safe and sound soon!



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