Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Riding to China

There is a chapter in my murder mystery novel, Evil in the Mirror, when Detective Jon Mull finds out that the parents of two teens, murdered by the evil twins, commit suicide. Jon thinks he should ride his Harley all the way to China and quit police work.

You might not be able to ride all the way to China, but after you fly the big bird there you can rent a Harley, ride for about a hundred years, and not see the same road twice. Yes, China has a Harley-Davidson dealership and the middle-class population (about two billion people) are about to get off of their Vespas motor scooters and run with the big dogs!

I read recently that Harley-Davidson is contemplating moving out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, because of the high cost of labor at their manufacturing plant. Shades of Detroit, Michigan...hello, Harley workers, ten percent of Americans are out of work and would love to have the plant in their home state! In fact, Mr. Davidson, how about moving to Phoenix, Arizona, where everyday is a riding day, the weather doesn't affect shipping, and labor is reasonable?

I am impressed with Harley-Davidson for taking a stand against high labor costs. I suppose if I were working at the plant and stood to lose my high paying, big benefits job, I too would be threatening to sell my bike. Well, I don't work there, and I had to sell my bike because I lost my job and needed the money. So, shut the hell up, and work for less or lose what you have right along with the rest of us!

I hope the venture in China is successful and I expect it will be. After all, the Chinese are world- class businessmen and women. Perhaps Harley will move their plant to sunny Arizona and if and when my writing career takes off, I will again be riding in the wind.

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