Monday, September 13, 2010

Being an Unknown Author

I take pride in being an unknown author. Why? Because I have stayed true to myself and have never, nor will I ever, stop writing the best possible murder mysteries. The reading public deserves quality and honesty for their hard-earned money and if the reviews are any indication, I have attained that goal.

I found one legitimate POD publisher who warned me from the very beginning that becoming a successful author is a long and expensive road lined with failures, heartbreak and discouragement. I responded with, "Full speed ahead and damn the discouragements!" Full speed ahead it has been, and just like riding a wooden-track roller coaster, it has been a rough and scary ride, but exciting beyond belief!

"I have yet begun to fight!" This is my montra also and I will continue to do the thing I love most, writing exciting, page-tuning murder mysteries. Grab a cup of coffee, turn on all the lights, sit down and read Evil in the Mirror. The only thing you will regret is putting it down before you are finished.

Write on,


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