Sunday, September 12, 2010

Two Down And Three To Go

My newest murder mystery, Day Stalker, is finished! The contract with Wheatmark Publishing is signed and now starts the publishing process. We are working on a cover design and hopefully it will be completed before the Sedona Book Festival so folks can see it.

Writing the sequel to Evil in the Mirror was so exciting. I cannot describe the thrill that engulfs me as I put together a fast-paced murder mystery. Each chapter is a scene in which I become the characters, good or bad. I literally live the story and by the time it is finished, I sit, worn out and exhausted, glad the evil antagonist has been brought to justice.

My goal is to write five books in a series with the same detectives struggling to catch the bad guys and save the innocent maidens. Oh, what fun it is...I am so lucky to be an author!

Write on,


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