Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Land of the Camel

I'm off to Quartzsite, Arizona, again to water trees and clean the motor home for our visit the end of October. It's a real challenge to get the place stocked with canned goods, cooking supplies and the such, but it's worth it when the weather turns cold in Camp Verde, Arizona.

This year we are going to focus on selling copies of my murder mystery, Evil in the Mirror, while we bask in the warm sun. I even plan on stopping at naked Paul's Oasis Book Store this year and see if he will stock my book. You can bet I will walk with my back to the wall while I am there!

The important thing to know is that everyone gets a week's reprieve from my blogs and incessant bantering about my book.

It's called passion, folks, and Lord knows I have my share.

Besides, it's my blog and I'll banter if I want to!

I'm just saying,


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