Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Case for Brevity

I recently received the following e-mail from someone who read my murder mystery Evil in the Mirror:

"Mitt, sorry this took so long. I wanted to say, "OH, MY GOD", your book drove me nuts. I am the hunting and fishing mag. or book kind of guy, even real history, but this son of a pup kept me jumping. NO SHIT!

"At first the sex parts were a little weird to me, but when I got to Chapter 30 I couldn't put your book down. The Cards were even playing a football game and I didn't give a hoot. The thing I liked is the short chapters. I would normally fall sleep or have to run and I would lose my train of thought. Anyway, it is my first ever murder mystery, and like you said; you know who the bad guys are from the very beginning.

"Jeri just read it this weekend and told me to settle down. She said she has read many books that had more smut than I could imagine. So, HA HA, that means we have a good long future yet to come. She also loved the book and could not put it down.

"Toni also read it and said the same. She freaked about the types of murders but still loved the book. She didn’t put it down until it was finished.

"I have taken a picture of the book and put it on my computer. I sent it to many friends in Alaska, Washington, Old Mexico, Florida, and many more. One bud e-mailed me back and said they had read it and loved it. COOL!

"I'm out of room and gotta go.


When writing Evil in the Mirror, I pictured each chapter like staccato notes being played by an orchestra. Sharp, short notes that were loud, but not deafening. Kind of like the Surprise Symphony No. 94 by Haydn.

I also wanted to keep the book short, focused, to the point, and exciting to read. Some said it was too short to be a real novel, while others said the chapters needed to be longer. I maintained my focus and continued writing until the story was finished. No more, no less.

You can't judge a book by its size any more that you can judge the cost by its weight. I am proud of all the reviews that have been posted for Evil in the Mirror. I am also proud of the fact that I maintained my integrity and intuition concerning this book. You can bet the sequel, Day Stalker, will be maintained the same way.

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