Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Best Way To Learn Is To Teach

OK, you have written your first novel, but it has to be proofed and edited, and if you don't get it professionally done, you will be forever sorry. Now, what do you do with the finished manuscript? The devil is in the details....At this point in time all you have invested is time.

Now comes the day when you either run with the big dogs or stay at home. There is no doubt you have heard all the horror stories about failure trying to get books published. Do I look for a traditional publisher, Publish on demand publisher (POD), or do I publish it myself?

I first tried the latter with two small books. I still have a garage of book-filled boxes. Can you imagine trying to proof, edit, copyright, attain ISBN and other assorted numbers, publish, print, distribute, promote, and most important, continue to write new works simultaneously? Forget it, Charlie, it ain't going to happen!

Let me tell you something else that ain't going to happen. Sending a manuscript to a tradition publisher is a total waste of time unless you are very well connected, in which case you probably wouldn't need a publisher in the first place. If I had a nickle for every manuscript I sent to a traditional publisher....well, you know the story. Do yourself a favor and save the postal money for notification cards after you get your book published the only way that makes sense in today's world.

POD publishing is the way to go for the unknown writer. Does it cost money? YES, but so does every other business enterprise on earth. It takes money to make money is the absolute truth. You need a grubstake and if you don't have one, forget quitting your day job! If money doesn't matter to you, do not waste your time reading this blog. Bug off and let my passionate writing brothers and sisters learn something.

Before you pick a POD, do your own research and make up your own mind. Just make sure your research is indepth before you choose. I chose Wheatmark because of the free educational programs they provide and the cost effective way they approached my personal publishing needs. I am through the process, my book is finished and on the Web, and the rest is up to me. Promotion is the author's chore and no one else can or will do it.

Have a great day....I have promotions to do!

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