Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Funny Side of Authoring

I have spent some grueling hours this week working on my new murder mystery novel, Day Stalker. Well, it's Saturday and I want some humor and fun! With that said, I have now left myself in a quandary. I don't feel particularly funny and I may have forgotten how to have fun.

Whoa there, partner, before you click away from what I admit is a dud blog, give me a chance to find some humor. OK, now that you have clicked on humor and are feeling better about this blog, let us continue.

Personally, I am starting to feel more humorous now knowing that my links have probably made you laugh or at least pissed you off.

Perhaps I should have named this blog, My Funny Side of Authoring? After all, now that I am having a fun time at your expence, I can go on with my day laughing all the way!

Write on,


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