Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Do You Remember Simple?

When I was a youngster growing up, the Coppertone ad was considered cute. Now? You could get arrested for having the picture on your computer.

Pinup girls were as risque as it got and even though, as early teens, we told each other how we would like to see a pinup girl totally naked. The truth was that we would have been scared to death if we had. It was the thought that counted.

Back in the day is a cliche that is used often, probably because it is important that we reflect on simpler times. It's food for the soul. Speaking of soul food....do you remember The Andy Griffith Show? How about The Cisco Kid or Howdy Doody? And, what about Walt Disney? Now, there are some simple times you can still experience at his theme parks!

Maybe we can learn something from Forrest Gump, because he was the epitome of simple is, as simple does. We should all spend one hour a day keeping it simple. Sorta like me and today's blog....My simple hour is up now and I am going back to selling my book!

I'm just saying,


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Nissa said...

Sorry, Mitt. I really don't remember a simpler time. Each generation ends up saying that so it must be true enough.