Monday, June 7, 2010

A Most Unforgettable Woman

Next year, Nancy Bradley and I celebrate our 50Th high school reunion in Escondido, California. We were all part of our own special click. Nancy, Larry Corona, Bob Thompson and his girlfriend Rheta, my twin brother, Walt, and his many girlfriends, Bob Dutcher, who played in same rock & roll band called the Pharaohs as Bob, Walt and I did. Oh, hell, I can't remember the whole cast of friends that made up our world. I do remember it was a simple and gentle time.

We all headed our separate ways in 1961 with our hot rods, AM radios and diplomas. It wasn't until our 40Th class reunion in 2001 (my first since graduating) that we were reunited. Not all of us made it, but Nancy and her husband, along with Bob Thompson and his wife, and Larry Corona were there with me and my wife, Sandy.

This reunion started an e-mail relationship with Nancy that would have a huge impact on my professional life. After many, many years in construction, I yearned to do the one thing economics would never allow. I wanted to be an author! Of course, Nancy was already a published author and thus started the encouragement that would give me the confidence to follow my dream.

Nancy never failed to help when I would e-mail and ask how to do this, that, and the other. Her advice was phenomenal, as was the Love that always emanated from her heart. Her encouragement helped me write my first self-published works, The Smoking Guardian Angel and Why I Ride Harleys. What came next surprised even ME. I wrote my first murder mystery novel, Evil in the Mirror which has been published by Wheatmark. I am now writing the sequel to Evil in the Mirror called Day Stalker.

It's been nine years since I have seen Nancy, but excitement is building because I am fortunate enough to meet up with her while she is on tour in Los Angeles in August. I can't tell you what an honor it will be to see her once again.

I recommend Nancy's newest book called, Be A Ghost Buster. Why not meet Nancy and her very interesting group of investigator for yourself?

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