Friday, June 4, 2010

Have you ever been to the Amazon?

OK, I know this is a sneaky way to get you to look at my murder mystery, Evil in the Mirror, but it's also a way to express my gratitude to

Even though Amazon has yet to publish my book cover image like Wheatmark Book Stores, I am sure, eventually, it will get done. In the meanwhile, I am reading Sell Your Book on Amazon by Brent Sampson, and what Amazon has accomplished in a few short years is astounding.

I once had a brick and mortar book store owner refuse to stock my book because it was also on Amazon. To this person, Amazon was a dirty word. I now know why; Amazon sells books. Holy crap, what a concept! When I finished my first self-help book, I pictured myself signing copies at book store parties faster than I could get them out of the boxes. The boxes are still full and sitting in my garage. Want one? It's free if you come get it.

I only have three book signings planned for the whole year and they are at events where friends and friends of friends will be attending. I won't sell many books, but it will give me some exposure to murder mystery buffs. I suppose, if I have to go, I might as well bask in a little limelight and get an ego lift. Lord knows we can all use that occasionally....

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Nissa said...

Barnes and Noble are showing your cover. And it is cheaper than Amazon.