Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rubba dub dub, there's oil in your tub!

Click on the title of this blog for a look at the CEO of BP. His message is clear....the gulf is screwed; the alien has landed.

When will we ever learn that Big Oil owns the planet and has since the birth of automobiles and the Industrial Revolution. Of course we all use automobiles, but only because we have been brain washed that there is no other way by, you guessed it, Big Oil and the Automotive Industry.

For the first time since I started driving a car about 50 some years ago, I am paying attention to the BP oil execs and others who lie through their teeth about the severity of the current oil spill. It's not the first time Big Oil has's just the first time that I have really listened. Because of what they are saying, I have decided to cut back on driving overall. If I stop using as much gasoline, perhaps that would send a message. Better yet, if we all stop driving so much, it damn sure would send a message. How about we start driving the speed limit and perhaps even slower than the speed limit? I bet that would send a huge message.

One thing is for sure....Big Government isn't going to help us. The Oil Cartels are not going to help us. Corporate America isn't going to help us. We have got to help ourselves and we need to help each other! I am here, I'm mad as hell and I want to help everyday Americans learn how to strike back at the bastards. We have to start at the gas pumps. Stop buying gas guzzlers, whether it be cars, boats, motor homes or whatever. I have a motor home, but you can bet it is sitting on a lot in Quartzsite, Arizona, in a carport that does not allow it to be moved, ever. If I didn't owe more money on the damn thing than it's worth, I would torch it!

What is happening in the gulf makes my stomach turn, but what is happening in Washington makes me puke. Get a freaking rope!

I'm just saying,


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