Monday, June 14, 2010

"Interview With The Vampire"

Thirty years ago I read a book that would forever change my life. Anne Rice had captivated my mind and heart with her weave of seductive romance, love, horror and dark lust. I was transported to far-away lands and ancient times, but always with the same haunting characters because they were vampires. It wouldn't have mattered if they were kings, queens or paupers, Anne Rice built her characters with precision, care and mastery.

She was the first author who could take my mind, heart and soul into her story. I was living the parts and pieces of her work. I cried, laughed, lusted, and bled with her characters. I wanted to be a vampire, or so I thought. You see, they experienced life like I wanted to but didn't have the courage. What a life it would have been without fear, pain or death!

Thirty years later I was finally able to write my first mystery novel, Evil in the Mirror . I was so excited about my book being published that I e-mailed Ms. Rice and thanked her for her book of thirty years ago. She was gracious enough to write back and commented that it had indeed been thirty years since IWTV had been published, but hard to believe. She stated that her writings also reflected other author's influences. Best of all, she wished me success with my writing endeavors.

Do I compare myself with Anne Rice? Certainly not - she has forgotten more about writing than I will ever know, but there is one comparison that rings true for both of us. We are passionate about about our work and that passion shows.

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