Saturday, July 23, 2011

$93,000 Extended Warrantee

Yes, that’s what it costs for adding a mean average of four months to the life of a man with stage four prostate cancer. The drug is Provenge and the company that sells it is Dendreon. According to my research, Dendreon has over a billion dollars invested in R & D for this drug. Maybe true, maybe not – the good news is that the treatment is approved by Medicare, and according to the attached link, Medicare picks up the total tab.

The treatment (unlike chemotherapy) has few, if any, side effects and may pave the way for a future cure of the cancer that is terminal the minute symptoms appear. This is a chilling statement – but true nonetheless. Only early detection bestows continued life. I am one of the fortunate ones; my prostate was removed before any symptoms could raise their ugly heads. My twin brother is not so lucky, and now he is fighting for his life.

It seems so unfair that we all work our butts off during our adulthood to beat the high cost of living, and then we must also work our butts off to beat the high cost of dying. But, no one ever said that life is fair, and all you have to do is look around planet Earth to know that it certainly isn’t.

Being a huge science buff, I have been fortunate enough to witness fantastic leaps in our human technologies. Being scientific and spiritual has enabled me to reconcile our existence when sometimes the concept of God is challenged by the horrible things that go on around us on a daily basis. I believe in technology, and in fact so much so, that I am sure it means human kind will continue to survive the monumental problems our planet faces in the future. I also know that prostate cancer will be cured someday by our technology. I can only pray that it comes soon enough to cure my brother. I know deep down in my heart that it won’t, but faith can move mountains.

So here I am yet again, guys, pleading and begging for you go to the doctor and get the blood test that can save your life. It may be too late for by bro, but it’s not too late for you. Get off your ass, put your macho bullshit in the closet, and get a blood test! There are people out there who love and depend on you. You don’t want this cancer and your loved ones don’t want to experience your death from a disease that can be treated when detected early.

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