Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How do you really spell God?

I was watching several programs last night about mammals that live on Madagascar Island and the Jewish Exodus from ancient Egypt. You might ask what these two subjects have in common. That is exactly what piqued my interest.

I am always watching science and nature programs, and the way my mind works is to try and fit what I am learning in with the world that I live in right now. What implications do these programs have concerning our future on Earth? What is the truth about religion? How can I reconcile the material world with the spiritual realm? Is there really a God that is described in the Bible? Is the Old Testament a lesson in history or just made up history from not so perfect humans. The list is endless, but my curiosity won’t let up, and I keep watching the programs. Sometimes more than once; after all, I may have missed something the first time.

As a murder mystery writer, it is a foregone conclusion that I like mysteries. Moreover, I like solving mysteries; therein lies the fun. So, back to the question at hand; what do the Exodus and Madagascar mammals have in common?

The mammals of Madagascar live in peace and harmony with the land and environment. In fact, there are three species of Lemurs that live in the same trees but eat different parts so as not to compete with each other for food. Now that is smart living. I would bet our prehistoric ancestors also lived smart. Otherwise we would have perished as a species long ago. Of course, you would have to believe in evolution as the origin of the human species and that is in direct conflict with the Bible’s Old Testament.

Last night’s program on the flight of the Jewish people from Egypt was indeed interesting. I too believed in Hollywood’s version that Moses was really named Charlton Heston and the evil Egyptian Pharaoh, Ramses II, was really named Yul Brynner. As it turns out, Hollywood had it all wrong. Who would have guessed? I thought the program had valid points, and that the Exodus probably happened, but not like Bible history describes. I still don’t know if the program was intended to make Bible believers out of us or just trying to set the record straight. Good luck on that one. Historians are still trying to make us believe that Columbus discovered America.

So where did modern humans really come from? If you believe in the Old Testament, we were made from clay and a rib by the hands of God. OK, that one is just too “Hollywood” for me to swallow. How about we descended from the apes through millions of years of evolution? It does make more sense than the first explanation, but where did spirituality come into our consciousness? Now there is the crux of the investigation. Sometime during those millions of years of evolution spirituality was born, and that was the birth of spiritual man. Well, I’ll be dipped; does that mean that God is really spiritual and we were made in image and likeness of spirit? Could it be that ancient man had it all wrong because the concept of being a spiritual being having a human experience could not be comprehended? Bingo – we are indeed spiritual beings and God is not flesh and bones!

Of course, this explanation will piss off some religious groups big time. For that I am truly sorry because everyone has the right to practice their own religion in this country. My investigation was twofold: 1 – Does physical man have a future on this planet? Answer – Not if we can’t learn to be at one with Mother Earth. 2 – Does spiritual man have a future not only on this planet but throughout the universe? Answer – yes, as long as we believe in our spiritual nature.

There you have it in a nutshell. For those of you who were able to read this whole blog, I thank you. For those of you who dropped out somewhere in between, I don’t blame you.

I’m just saying,


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