Monday, July 18, 2011

Men sometimes = Morons

Ok, guys, here we go again. Have you had your PSA checked recently? Have you had a rectal exam recently? Have you done anything to make sure you don’t die a horrible death from prostate cancer lately?

I know a few men personally who haven’t been tested at all. You know who you are! For God’s sake, what does it take for you to be responsible? Google “responsibility” – you will find that one meaning is, “The ability to control your response.” You can control your life and not have to deal with prostate cancer. What a concept…you can control what happens to your body!

Remember, when you start having systems like my twin brother, it is already too late. Prostate cancer is a slow process with no symptoms until the prostate swells like a balloon and the cancer escapes from the prostate sack. It then starts its diabolical journey to bones and lung tissue. Catch it early and the prostate can be removed and the space left behind can be zapped with radiation. That’s what I did in 2000 and I have been cancer free ever since. I might add that the last ten years have been glorious. I know, something is going to kill me eventually, but it damn sure won’t be prostate cancer!

So, there you have it. For the fifteen or so people who read my blogs, please pass this one on to any man you know. Chances are he hasn’t been to a doctor in a coon’s age. That’s how we men operate; I’m a man, I’m tough, I’m macho, I don’t need no stinking doctor sticking his or her finger up my butt. I am also an idiot if I don’t! You know what I said in my last blog concerning this subject. Get a female doctor with small fingers and sweet perfume; the experience could be fun, and just a simple blood test will give you your PSA level!

I’m just saying,


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