Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hardly My Harley

What makes this Harley unique is that after a hard day's ride and you are starving, you can eat the damn thing.

This tunnel model is designed so that we can still ride our beloved Harleys even after the nuclear holocaust.

The future Harley trike will be able to go under the massive SUVs crammed like sardines on the freeways.

Harley's answer to public transportation is the "Twin V" rickshaw. Sure it only holds three people, but it can get you there at 130 miles per hour!

Of course, this model is for the jet setters; ride by yourselves, butt wipes.

This Harley was special ordered by Arnold. He can't afford it now; Maria
is taking all his money.

The U.S. Postal Service has ordered this model in hopes of getting back into the package delivery game after having their butts handed to them by FedEx.

For those of us who continue to ride in circles.

Oh, wife is not supposed to see this one!

I gotta go – see ya!


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