Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Arizona Monsoon

Down through history, Native Americans have prayed and danced for the monsoon to sweep over Arizona and quench its summer thirst. I too have been praying for the very same thing. I am sure I was not alone; all Arizonians were praying for the sound of thunder that announces the rainy season.

We have been fighting huge fires that have burned homes and businesses and displaced thousands of families, to say nothing of the destruction of thousands of acres of forest and its wild inhabitants. As I listen to the thunder this morning, I give thanks to the Great Spirit for blessing us with rain, even though the storms have caused some damage, as they do occasionally – the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

Surely the rain is welcomed by the hundreds of men and women who have been battling raging fires all over our state. Even though the battle is not over, Mother Nature has agreed to help our brave and exhausted firefighters.

Thank you, Mother Earth, for all your blessings….

I’m just saying,


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