Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Defying Gravity

I was riding my Harley the other day and started daydreaming (which can be fatal on a bike) that my V-Rod could fly. Common enough dream I am sure, but the great part was that the scooter actually felt like it was trying to rise from the asphalt. I know you might suspect I was smoking left handed cigarettes, but you would be wrong. I have these moments on insanity all by myself with no outside influences!

Since that day, I have started to have dreams about flying. Not airplanes – that’s too mundane. I want to fly stuff not intended to be flow by man or woman. For instance, I watched newswoman Jenna Wolfe flying a water jet, and flying it rather well for a beginner I might add. Man, that’s something I want to do!

How about a jetpack that will fly you non-stop from one end of two football fields to the other end before running out of fuel? Dangerous, yes, but exciting enough to make you pee your britches!

And what about Yves Rossy, the man who flies with small jet engine powered wings strapped to his body? Talk about seat of your pants travel. This guy has more balls than a brass bull. Do I want to fly one? You bet I do! That’s not to say I wouldn’t croak of a heart attack just as the jets fired up though – I most assuredly would.

There are the guys and gals who parachute with flying suits on. They look like Albatross soaring in thermal winds high above earth. One problem; they haven’t learned how to land yet. Personally, I don’t plan to jump out of a perfectly good airplane!

There are always hot air balloons, which I have flown in. They are not without an element of danger, but the silent behemoths are subject to the prevailing wind, and your only control is up and down and sometimes just down with a bang! As I see it, my dream of flying some odd and terrifying machine is just that, a dream.

I guess I will be content to ride my V-Rod and pretend I am just millimeters above the asphalt while in levitation mode. One good thing about being an old guy is that I can be as crazy as I want with impunity. It’s a great perk – you should try it sometime.

I’m just saying,


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