Friday, July 29, 2011

Our Founding Fathers

Our founding fathers are finally turning over in their graves while saying to Capitol Hill, “Kiss our boney asses, you traitors!” There, I have said it and trust me, I mean it. What more can our Congressmen and Representatives say or do that could convey a stronger message to the world that America is a second rate country and in decline?

I am ashamed of our political leaders to say the least. Our government leaders are greedy, career politicians with only one thing on their minds. How can we continue the status quo of special benefits for our members while not having to follow the same rule of law that is applied to the very people who elected us into office?

Unfortunately, all the governments of the world suffer the same corruption we see in our country. Corruption it is, no matter what kind of smoke and mirrors they are flashing us at any given time in history. All the huffing and puffing over issues that are really not that complicated, but are made to seem so for the benefit of the general public, could be resolved easily. The real game being played is posturing for the next elections at the expense, as usual, of the American people.

I for one have a plan concerning the presidential elections in 2012. There are now more political parties that ever in history represented on the ballot. No more crying and sniveling about our leaders on my part. I am voting against the Republicans and Democrats. I’m not sure which party I will go with, but you can set your watch that I won’t be voting as usual. If every American would stand up and be counted concerning the fiasco on Capitol Hill and finally vote the bastards out of office for ever, at least the message would be sent loud and clear, enough is enough!

If we say to ourselves that there is nothing we can do about the state of our political system in America, then there will nothing we can do. But, if “We the People” stand united against career politicians who wipe their feet on us daily, there damn sure is something that can be done. We can clean house on Capitol Hill and sweep the ugly politicians to the curb!

My name is Mitt Winstead and I’m really pissed off!

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