Monday, July 4, 2011

WallyWorld Studios

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I finally get it; all the kook pictures you see online of the numb nuts at WallyWorld wearing ridiculous clothes, hair, lack of clothes, lack of hair, two-feet long toenails, no toenails, butt cracks and other cracks, pit hair, leg hair, chest hair, back hair, braided nose hair, braided chin hair (with trinkets attached), eyebrow braided hair, no boobs, huge boobs (used as floor mops), fake boobs, man boobs (with accessories), tattoos, no tattoos, fake tattoos put on with paint brushes (obviously), cake makeup, no makeup, makeup put on with paint brushes (obviously), man makeup (with accessories), cross-dressers, cross-eyed dressers, cross-legged dressers and totally uncrossed-legged dressers (nasty), cute babies with ugly parents (obviously not their own), ugly babies with cute parents (obviously not their own), ugly babies and equally ugly parents (obviously inbreeding), short people ( I mean, really short people), and tall people ( I mean, really tall people). OK, they are not faking it, but the rest damn sure are!

When the WallyWorld ugly folks craze first started, I thought it amusing and sometimes downright funny. Every time I went to our local WallyWorld, I would look for the crazies, but, alas, each time I was disappointed. There were none to be found. I wondered where the magical WallyWorld was and how do I get there? Well, the truth is finally out. You can’t go there because it is on a back lot in Hollywood. Yes, that’s right, it’s WallyWorld Studios and you can’t go there. This is about to change though. WallyWorld Studios is going to announce it will open its doors to the public next December just in time for the Christmas season. It will be Hollywood’s newest and most exciting theme park!

Move over, Universal Studios – there is a new kid on the block.

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