Monday, July 11, 2011

Thrown under the bus!

It figures that the Democrats would throw Governor Jan Brewer under the bus any chance they got and that is exactly what they did by not including her in Janet Napolitano’s visit to the Arizona/Mexican border this last week.

Anything the Federal Government does in our state should include the Governor of Arizona. But, I guess, if you are critical of the current Democratic administration, it means you are blacklisted from participating. Personally, I think our Governor is better off not attending a political rally designed to help re-elect the President disguised as an update on controlling drug and human smuggling at our borders.

The Federal Government has made it clear that they have no intentions of closing our border with Mexico for several reasons.

1. The Democrats need the illegal immigrant vote. If they stop illegal immigration, hundreds of thousands of votes also stop. Sad, but true….

2. There are very big bucks in drug smuggling. Stop illegal drugs being transported into the U.S. and you stop the flow of millions of dollars to crooked officials on both sides of the border. Sad, but true….

3. The Federal Government has, in the past, used illegal and malicious means to justify budgets. The Border Patrol is a federal agency always scrambling for money. What better way to justify huge budgets than letting illegal activities at our borders become critical by understaffing the Border Patrol? That is not to say that individual agents are not honest, brave and hard working lawmen and women; what it does say is that the strings are being pulled in Washington, not on the border. Sad, but true….

I am aware that my statements are harsh and that I could get a visit from the men in black, but it’s my opinion and I have a right to speak freely. At least I think we still have that right!

I love Arizona, and the damages illegal drugs and human smuggling are doing to our state sickens me to the core.

I applaud Governor Jan Brewer
for her gutsy, outspoken and sometimes dramatic outbursts aimed at injustice and the illegal activities that are threatening our beautiful state. She reminds me of another outspoken patriot that lives and works in Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio,

but that’s another blog….

I’m just saying,


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