Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Living the one year minute

I find myself stretching each minute of my life out like a rubber band just to see how long it will last until I reach the next minute. Then I do the same again, and again. Time is indeed pliable and can be molded into sublime slowness or speeded up like a mind boggling fast forward movie.

When I was young, I couldn’t wait for the next minute to arrive and I would pace, back and forth, like a wild banshee wishing for the day to end so I could then wish for the night to end so I could start a new day. No wonder our lives seem to travel at the speed of light until we wake up one day and wonder where it all went.

I am learning the art of enjoying each and every second of my life and the only way to do that is by eliminating any and all aggravation and dissention. I know, easier said than done, but it can be done in stages. Start with understanding that getting riled up wastes precious time. It will then be easier to start walking away from the complainers, hate mongers and professional time wasters. You know who they are and, unfortunately, they all need an audience and will do almost anything to keep you in front of their talking heads.

Then there are family time wasters, and you can’t always just walk away from family – or can you? Of course you can…being in your “golden years” has some perks. One perk is that you are expected to be senile. Turn and shuffle away while getting back into your year-long minute. No one will be the wiser.

Another huge time waster is the ringing telephone. We are programmed to pick up no matter what it interrupts. Call identification helps tremendously, but if it is someone you know or family, we stumble all over ourselves reaching for the answer button even if it interrupts a truly golden minute of life. The answer to this dilemma is an answering machine. You can relax and find out just how important the call really is. Nine times out of ten you can return the call later after you enjoy your golden minute hour.

I am a man who loves to shop. I can stretch minutes into glorious hours shopping. No matter the store, I can shop WallyWorld, Harley stores, hardware stores or even grocery stores with wild abandon. They are all visual delights that stretch minutes into years in less than an hour. It may amount to wonderful daydreaming while awake, but who cares – no one knows what’s real anyway. “Perception is all there is, there is no reality!”

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