Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Earthlings, we come in peace!"

I have been watching anything and everything on television that might answer some age old questions like: "Are there little green men in the universe? – Are flying saucers real? – Is Bigfoot real? – Are ghosts real? – Are Chupacabras real? – What’s the deal with Swamp Skunks? – Where is Moth man? – What’s with the Bermuda Triangle? – Are sea and lake monsters real?" These are just a few subjects television programmers would have us watch like zombies every night.

The overriding result of all these programs is that not one shred of real evidence exists to confirm, or deny, any of the above questions or other mysteries that plague the human mind. If I see one more program about ancient astronauts, I am going to puke. “Where’s the beef,” damn it, bring me proof!

I have switched to watching programs like Morgan Freeman’s “Through the Wormhole,” and Brian Cox’s “Wonders of the Universe.” This stuff is way, way out there; it’s the real deal and can be proven in the laboratory and in advanced mathematics. These programs have triple patties, cheese, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, and French fries to boot!

There is no question that some form of life in the universe will be discovered within a decade, and physics theorizes that time travel is not only possible, but probable. We are truly at the threshold of monumental discoveries that could change the course of history and humanity. Gene Roddenberry had it right all along.

While the world searches for Bigfoot, I believe you can find me enjoying Morgan and Brian taking me to places most only dream of.

I’m just saying,


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